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Face painting is for everyone! Even Ellen Degeneres chose a contest winner based on his face painted smile!
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Materials are included for workshop use only. Pre-order products online or at a workshop. Payment in person is by cash or credit card.

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Hosting. A minimum of 3 participants is required. The cost for this 3 hour workshop per person is $180 + $23.40 hst for a total of $203.40. Available weekday evening or daytime.

Group Workshop.
A 3 hour workshop at our location costs $225 + $29.25 hst for a total of $254.25 per person.

School or Day Camp Workshop.
A full day from 9am to 3pm divided into 40 minute classes before and after lunch makes the content available to as many students as possible. Your requirements may differ depending on the size of your school. Let us know your needs and we will customize the format for you. The fee for a full day workshop is $425 (includes 15% school discount) + $55.25 hst for a total of $480.25.

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