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Face painting is for everyone! Even Ellen Degeneres chose a contest winner based on his face painted smile!
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HHART7 Mission Trip.

In May 2016, Xan went to the Dominican Republic to help improve the lives of underprivileged children living in meager bateys. She brought fun through the art of face painting and was part of a team that served all medical, dental, OT, building, electrical, educational, food and clothing needs for families in extremely poor living conditions. An adobe presentation will be uploaded soon to appreciate the extent of service HHART7 brought to underprivileged communities on this year's mission trip.

Adobe download

To help now, please go here to donate to the School Uniforms for Cangrejo campaign. School uniforms are needed now for the coming school year.


Gift Certificates


Contact us to request a gift certificate and add faceART to an event for you or a friend.

Discounts apply for charity organizations and fundraisers.

This gift certificate was redeemed at a child's birthday party in Barrie. Travel fee applies outside our service area, but we have a really big service area because local to us is includes Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie and everywhere in between.



Heavy metals found in kids' face paints

This article is both alarming and informative. Please be cautious and always ask what kind of face paints are being used at any face painting station you line up at with your children.

FaceART always uses top quality water based theatrical face paints made by Kryolan for safety, compatibility and because only the best materials apply easily, look great and feel great .


7 Very Happy Girls in Wasaga Beach

Andrew Mckay films and posts daily news to introduces everything and, more accurately, everyone associated with Wasaga Beach. In December 2010, he filmed FaceART's introductory video for local residents. To make things interesting, we followed through with my storyboard suggestion of a face painting demo, a group of happy children and a surprise ending! Take a look at close-ups of the 'Rudolph' design and the 'Christmas mask' design on our fb page.

The FaceART team paints hundreds of children at large events and parties.

Click to see a larger image and many more fantastic pictures on our facebook page

Go to and call 705.429.3844 x 2287 for information on this 3-day family event!

Contact us to have face painting make your event a fun and memorable one!